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tips on entering the human resources industry

getting started in any role, and in any industry, requires hard work and patience – but, the best careers often do. success always comes from effort. but, while you have the passion, you may need the direction.

one of our graduates, stephanie ratnam, used her studies to achieve her career goals. she now works as a human resources projects manager with the institute. 

so, according to stephanie, how do go from a student to hr professional?

it starts with what you learn in the classroom

"the assignments were realistic and made you think and act like you were in the real world," stephanie says.

starting with the diploma of human resources management, she gained knowledge in areas of workforce planning, performance management and employee relations.

it's important to grow your skills in a work environment

"you can see the theories that you learned, like team dynamics and different types of management, occurring in the workplace – and that has definitely helped me."

stephanie started off by working in our graduate employment service. her role saw her provide important recruitment and consultant advice. from this, she was able to better understand people and help them find work tailored to their needs and abilities.

it's also essential to keep setting personal career goals…

stephanie has a very practical and proactive mindset for her career. one goal accomplished is simply the time to start planning the next one.

"when studying, i just wanted to one day make an impact on employees wherever i went. i can see myself in a team leader role as a next step. i like working with people. i believe i'm patient and i know what it's like to be on the other side. you're always trying to exceed your potential, but you always surprise yourself with your potential as well."

…and, to share your knowledge with others

nothing great is ever handed to you. that is why stephanie believes getting your foot in door is a perfect first step to your dream hr job. whether it's through volunteer work, internships or, even, just applying for interviews.

"apply for roles you think you're good at and don't be hard on yourself. the more interviews you have, the more experience you get. you will also receive greater confidence."

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